jacobchabot (jacobchabot) wrote,

MoCCA Was Awesome!

The Mighty Skullboy Army #11 Stewart - Dance With Me CD

I went to MoCCA was this past weekend! That's information that would have probably been more useful last week, but I was too busy working a new Skullboy comic to debut at the show. Plus me and this website weren't on speaking terms. But, we've since made up and here I am! I'm pleased to say Mighty Skullboy Army #11 featuring mostly Mod Dog and not-so-much the Mighty Skullboy army was a sell-out success. Also debuting at the show was the Skullboy Sampler CD, featuring music from my friend Andrea Tarka's band Stewart! She wrote a Skullboy theme song and we thought it might be a good idea to put out a limited run of a mini album of sorts with several other Stewart tracks, featuring jacket art by me.

I will leave you with these mini sketches that I did while at the show.



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