jacobchabot (jacobchabot) wrote,

That's Mighty Funny!

     The internet is slowly supplanting my memory. Yesterday, I offhandedly responded to some joke my roommate made with "That's mighty funny!" I then had to explain that was the catchphrase/punchline to this not-so-great comic I barely emembered from when I was a kid called Mighty Funny. It was about a superhero who made these god-awful jokes and each strip ended with someone saying "That's mighty funny!" I even tried to draw Mighty Funny, but couldn't for the life of me remember what his face looked like. I tried an internet search for "Mighty Funny," but it didn't get me much but websites where people were saying things were mighty funny. Go figure. I did however, find one, ONE mention of someone else trying to remember if Mighty Funny was real or not where someone mentioned "The Mini Page," which I included in my search. It wasn't until I saw this that it all came flooding back. Rookie Cookie! Mini Slueth! That dog and that penguin thing! Thanks internet, for remembering things so I don't have too!

     Oh yeah! I almost forgot to mention - The Skullboy vinyl toy came out last week!!! Here is a review of it! People review toys! I never knew. The review also links to some places where you can order it online if that is something you desire.

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